Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.
In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed. 
Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid. 
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

                                                         ---William Ernest Henley (1849–1903)

On Robben Island prison, Nelson Mandela, a prisoner, recited the poem to other fellow mates and was empowered by its message of self mastery. Just imagine those 9000 days he spent there and came out victorious in the and changed history forever.
I hope it shows you the light as well. Happy New Year :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

fetterlock: how mere conversations can change lives

It's hard to believe that one evening's casual but subtle conversations/discussions can change the course of lives. Fetterlock was mere a domain name purchased by my friend (I have no idea why the name). That evening, as usual, my friends were discussing about things in general. There may be very few topics on which we haven't still discussed. Unfortunately, I was absent from the meeting but the story took a turn which we never expected.
Lemme give you a little background. Roy and mittal, lived for 4 years in jwala hostel, iit delhi. Both from different departments and different wings. I'd say fate had something for them both. Mittal had started a company in his third year itself called mitbots. Due to some compatibility snags he had to withdraw from it. Roy, a cheerful, friendly and extremely resourceful young guy of our wing, met and came to know mittal when the latter was frustrated from politics and started visiting us frequently. Although we and him were of opposite sides but in final year, smart people lift themselves from petty politics and make friends rather than enemies. Now you know how Roy and mittal came along.
We had (actually we still have) a zone of "no embarrasment". That means we were all allowed to talk on any topic with any bias. This, I think, gives us an edge as we understand many things with possibly all angles. That evening, roy and mittal were discussing about the education system of India. Of course all past political regimes were blamed and cursed. Then mittal shared his experience about a college in Indore. He said, when he gave a lecture there (representing his previous firm), he noticed something strange. This was the wall of inequality between himself (an iitian) and normal engineering college student's skill set. His mind stuck on a single thing that how could this be. Are the students of those colleges are still paying the price for not clearing iitjee ? Or wether the education system is so blind that it ignores 90% of the students failing to qualify iitjee ? Is it being interpreted as an offense by the system ? So why are they not given the same quality education which we in iit received ? It'll not be a surprise if one notices the lack of even general awareness in them. To talk about other skills development is a total waste of time. To be very frank they don't even know how to make a resume! This took a toll on both mittal and roy and they decided to start fetterlock which aims at developing the skillset of any engineering student in varied vocational fields including web based entrepreneurial ideas. Today every firm needs an engineer. Any job which a doctor or a lawyer can't do, an engineer is game for it. So why shouldn't the engineers be trained in such a way that they stand out from a crowd? They started working on the model. Joined by some more guys gave them tremendous moral boost. I myself could only help them in "cheering up" department. It started from a mere thought which through our discussions got converted to concern and through hard work and brainstorming an idea got conceived. I think it has the potential to change the face of engineering education system in India. Consequently, they named the program as "better engineer", which I think is very relevant.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

800 views reached

I See You

Aah , 10th of November 2010 marks the day when I reached 800 profile views (",)
Thanks everyone for the support.
With love
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

types of shit

Ghost tatti (s h i t ) : The kind where you feel the tatti come out, but there is no tatti in the toilet.

Clean tatti : The kind where you tatti it out, see it in the toilet, but there is nothing on the toilet paper.

Wet tatti : The kind where you wipe your butt 50 times and it still feels unwiped, so you have to put some toilet paper between your butt and underwear so you wont ruin them with a stain.

Second Wave tatti : This happens when youre done tatti-ing and youve pulled up your pants to your knees, and you realize that you have to tatti some more.

Pop-A-Vein-In-Your-Forehead-tatti : The kind where you strain so much to get it out, you practically have a stroke.

Gassy tatti : Its so noisy, everyone within earshot is laughing.

Drinker tatti : The kind of tatti you have the morning after a long night of drinking. Its most noticeable trait is the skid marks on the bottom of the toilet.

Lincoln Log tatti : The kind of tatti that is so huge youre afraid to flush without first breaking it into little pieces with the toilet brush.

Corn tatti : Self-explanatory.

Gee-I-Wish-I-Could-tatti tatti : The kind where you want to tatti but all you do is sit on the toilet and fart a few times.

Spinal Tap tatti : Thats where it hurts so badly coming out, you would swear it was leaving you sideways.

Wet Cheeks tatti (The Power Dump) : The kind that comes out of your butt so fast, your butt gets splashed with water.

Liquid tatti : The kind where yellowish-brown liquid shoots out your butt and splashes all over the toilet bowl.

Mexican tatti : It smells so bad your nose burns.

The Surprise tatti : Youre not even at the toilet because you are sure youre about to fart, but oops.......a tatti!!!

The Dangling tatti : This tatti refuses to drop into the toilet even though you know you are done tatti-ing it. You just pray that a shake or two will cut it loose.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

the arteries of my heart

blogging is all about writing blah blah about yourself. so i have decided to dedicate this post for my friends, friends who helped me through very tough times of my life and the feelings for them are engraved on my heart forever. its just a one sided view from my side, some might think of me as an asshole as well ... but i am not going to go into that :Phmm, lets start chronologically :
  1. nikki: my younger brother, he may be a medico for the rest of the world but i still see him as a kid who is always growing up and learning new things. in childhood days i used to overpower him, i accept that, but even when he could hit me back, he would never do that, considering the fact that i am a hot head, i am always amazed to see his composure and calmness. he is always there to hold me up whenever i am down and never tells me his worries. a true secretive scorpion and a caring brother. i guess all are not as blessed as i am in this department.
  2. oonzie: well ... she has always been there for me on the phone when she was in mumbai. a great friend who cannot be traded for all the treasures in the world. childhood friends cannot be replaced i guess. i do remember my phone bills back then ... i dont have to tell that how much i miss you after you left for sydney :)
  3. kamli: my class 11th and 12th classmate. my friend, my sister and my phone-mate. aah how much bills have i dropped on my father head, i wonder :) . she handled my crushes in my school time ... lol. sorry yaar i missed your marriage, i really regret that but i guess the world is too small. i will see you again and jiju in Sydney or may be you can come to India (i am so cheap :P)
  4. mukul: the smart guy of the band. the true professional and a great friend. i have seen so many sun rises with him, of course other guys were also there :P . has a great interpretation of life which added significantly to my extensive experience in life :) 
  5. ghoda: he is my first acquaintance in AZ and later on became one of the "band of brothers". i have seldom seen him loose his temper except for one time when we both had a verbal fight :P. the AP team member, one of the gods of his Alma mater ;) ... haha i still remember the game we played till the end : nidhi priya gupta and nilanjana tolia ... haha ... great times
  6. thapa: the karate kid !!! the exiled prince of Nepal :P ... hehe ... a true competition to my ego but a great friend. the sleeping beauty, as we refer to him as, is a true achiever. nothing comes to my memory that he decided to do and didnt got hold of, except for gals :P
  7. bhaddu: the blood relative of "daaku kehar pratap" of the chambal valley, is a hell of an athlete and hence a star hockey player. he gives out a vibe resembling to that of a rock/stone but i know he has watched my back "un-revealingly".
  8. bhaw: met him one day while playing a game of aoe. the daddy figure of our band. he has been an inspiration to me on how to handle people, although he sometimes is a hot head ;) . an excellent manager and a true friend.
  9. mota: met him during ILLU . the blabber-mouth of our band, this creature is a unique piece. i sometimes think he's a distant relative of ET :P . the "under-radar" poltu, BK putra, my backchodi partner ... motu !!!
  10. sas: the self crowned king of UT, just kidding, a god of UT and my best friend, more like an elder brother. has slapped me whenever i drank too much and blabbered around. considering my hot-head-ness he's the only person who can hit me without any notice. he showed me a different face of life, the things he has experienced, he's the bible of roller coaster life
  11. parul: he (thats right, thats a guy :P), with his internet chatting charms, did teach us valuable lessons on "how to pataao a gal on chat" ... hehe, dude if niha bhabhi reads this you are dead ... although as far as i remember bhabhi ko bhi tumne chat pe hi pataya hai ... lol, greatest couple i have ever met. 
  12. dixi: another UT god, the sniper turned assaulter in CS. aah, head shot !!! :P ... the sex god of our band. i mean he used to give us tips on the same, dunno about how many he dated, on chat of course :P .... hehe
  13. sahoo: the artist of our band. the god of rangoli, the goddess of beauty :P... hhehe ... and sheerie's heart stealer. we thought he was involved with "yousuf bhai" when we saw her coming out of his room one day ... lol, i was almost naked for crying out loud ... ohh man , sheerie knows about this ? you are also dead meat. anyways, his heart is at the right place, thats all that matters
  14. cali: the cheerleader and the squeeze toy of our band. me and sas would drop our towels in front of him when he would be in "deep think" mode !!! lol ... i bet he still has those nightmares :P
  15. punni: the cry baby of our band. "yaar, ye kya ho raha haiiiii", "ab to net bhi chud gayaaaa :'(". is bande ko daaru smell karke hi chad jaati hai :) ... we all added might not have travelled as much he has in those days, salla ghaasi :P ... attended his marriage in june, met the beautiful mrs simi and punni's family members. i still miss the kids :)
  16. P: a friend that held me up in the most distressful times in my life. always participated in solving my problems more than me. its a very strange story how we first met. i fell for her for a long time, but yes i still stand on my stand on breaking my friendship with you. but i will always have a special place for you. not being an asshole but your contribution in saving me has been colossus.
  17. nanu: my second cousin turned sibling :). the listener, the wise, the calm. if i had to use a metaphor, i'd use "moon" for her, considering her cool and pure nature, soothing and calming voice and thoughts. helped me in my dark days.
  18. chikna (murgi ch%%#): vaise some guys had crush one him, a little birdie told me :P . my first acquaintance in iit delhi. a true professional for which i misunderstood him for a long time after first year and finally realized he was always one of the good guys. \__/
  19. iroy: the bangali+arunanchali+delhi dude. the "never say no" , "party animal" , "the big nutts" IROY !! isne to DISCO mein bhi disco kar diya (not going further than that :P). the entrepreneur, phone frenzy has been one of my best friends ever. like my brother he too shows some very distinctive scorpion characteristics.
  20. slomo: this tortoise genepool guy has been an inspiration for me and can well be a test subject for brain research. pata nahi kya kya chalta hai iske dimaag mein. if you enter his room, he will seem to be a lifeless creature and only after calling "abhaaaaayyyyy", he'd respond, otherwise come and go buddy :)
  21. santri: the shagger of the senior wing, the painter and creator and destroyer of life :P ... hehe ... iitain turned panji(refer to 5 point someone) turned aoe champ turned trader. if i dig deep enough, i'd say that he is a great thinker but doesnt seem care too much abt it.
  22. sardar: bhai, tu nahi hota to mein kaha jata :) ... i'd say to him ... my room lord in 3rd year. i teased him when he'd be sleeping and made weird noises :P ... haha ... fell in love with a beautiful girl "aadi". we all think he'd be the first one to get married amongst all the senior wing members :)
  23. maarwadi: the karodpati of the wing ... lol ... the doper, the smoker (uhhmmm , i think we all were :P), 7-8 foot ki height hogi inki takreeban, bed itna lamba nahi tha, to double bed laga ke diagonally sote the ye janaab :) ... hehe ... DoTA stud ... kikked my butt many times but i have also hurt him bad at times :) ... DK yaad hai ? hehe, bhaagne bhi nahi diya tha :)
  24. bibi: the bitch of the wing, the victim of sexual advances of PJ ... haha ... performed the pop song from "slim shady"'s album when he fried his brain for the first time. haha, still got those pics dude :). otherwise he is a very nice person, the people who live with him will understand.
  25. JC: the chamiya of senior wing, the terminator 5 :) ... the common man ... kyunki common man humesha ch#$%#ta hai :P ... lol ... the density of his beard is of the order of the pixel density one gets in latest digicams :P ... haha ... star poker player but runs low on luck ... kya kare wohi common man waali baat aa jaati hai :P
  26. PJ: the singer, the sexual predator of our senior wing. haha ... rohit bal's right hand man :P ... haha ... great friend very helping nature. his favorite quotes "kya kar rahe hooo?", "ohh, mein soch raha tha ki mein bhi chal leta hun tumhaare saath, kya matlab, kya karunga mein yaha room mein", "sush, sushant, sushie ... utho naa, class nahi jaaana hai ?" ... of course one cant make out the comedy in these lines unless you add a bihari accent to these and elongate certain stressed words and syllables :P ...
  27. bibi ka dalla: the creator of the term used to describe "bibi and JC" collectively, "nakul sehdev", a seriously misunderstood dude. i misunderstood him till the end but realized that he is a very helping guy actually ... life shows many colors, people change their personalities to make friends, but if i recall , this guy has always been the same since the beginning and i really admire him for that :) ... cheers
  28. lolly: hes gonna kill me , i gave him that name . his genetic inheritance from the pathans and the british makes him such a cool guy .... lol . my interiit partner from jwala ip. we have had great farting sessions between us ... sometimes ficky would be caught in the cross fire and he'd always say "yaar, kya kar rahe ho, tatti kha ke aaye ho kya ?" ... haha
  29. naskar: the hugoda of our wing, the god of killer bad jokes, if he told a joke to a person in coma, he'd wake up to slap him, that bad ... apart from some tantrums hes been a good friend, but somethings that he did, did hurt, but eh well we did spend a good time together
  30. moti khandelwal, moti goyal, moti agrawal and sookri jain ... my gal pals from himadri. helped me a lot in studies , interiit buddies :) , had a lot of fun in iit
  31. cheeku: cheeku, my senior in iit delhi, fellow gemini and the jolliest person i have ever met. she will just brighten up your spirits like a firecracker. just awesome ... a fighter and and a survivor (5 year degree from iit delhi is deadly :P)
ohh , the list has gone so long ... i didnt realize there were so many people connected to my life who have contributed a part may it be small but they did. hmm , i thought i'd write something nice for each and everyone of them but ended up writing funny things about them. i guess thats the thing about friendship, you cant describe it, you just have to remember good memories which bring a smile to your face ... yeah ... imagine my face right now :) ... my cheeks are hurting now ... its been 3 hours since i am writing this one ... had to remember all the fk ups by the above :P ...hehe

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

600 views and growing

recently got my 600th view ... :) ... thankx for sticking around ... :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

for all the johns and bipashas out there !!! :)

only girls/guys with low self confidence, low self respect and low self esteem, dont have the balls (or watever is the females counter part for that phrase) put up their original pics on their public profiles. i know if you put some other profile picture it may be a message or for a cause or for WC, you know, but putting profile pics of aishwarya and rani ... lol. girls give reasons defending their privacy !!! guys think they look hunky in those pics of john and dino ... lol. woaahh, what a load of crap !!! all this privacy issue is bullshit, you guys/gals think gals/guys will go crazy over you and kill!!! haha, well boo hoo !!! try to face the world for cryin out loud !!!

for girls: dont worry we (guys) cant make MMS from your stupid profile pics ... lol.
for guys: dont worry putting pics of john wont vanish your tyre tube tummies :) ... lol

wow, its hard to make a point. so guys/girls(this is intended towards a specific section of males/females), grow up !!!

well, on second thoughts ... dont ... i need some live examples to prove my point .... :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

an ode to my bro

had it not been for you, my bro
my iit days would be bleeding boring and slow

i still remember the first crime
we went places to be and to pass time

you inspired me to change my ways
cos dude, you have inherent nobility
and shine with supreme glory and daze

never telling me whats on your mind
but yet knowing whats on mine

there are secrets garrisoned in my head
but when we talk i have low gaurd
discussing through the memory boulevard

sharing a smoke after meals everyday
never paying for like a million ciggies
but always treating me lemonades at sassi's

booze being the "usual ones"
books being the "unusual ones"
gals being the "unnatural ones"
profs being the "unhuman ones"
i have never complained, but dude
now its time to part our ways for good
for now our time is coming to an end as it should
and eventually it would
for another bro will enter my life
with a new set of ideas and a new flight

here @iit time passes by so fast, yet so slow
had it not been for you, my bro
i would be a different star with a different glow
had it not been for you, my bro
had it not been for you, my bro

Saturday, January 2, 2010

PS: Yes I do!

It’s funny how life works out for you, but of course it takes time. They say time heals everything. Well, I actually have experienced it and yes I also know that most of the people do it too. It’s just that, everyone thinks of their story as the most agonizing, then enduring and at last the most inspiring one! My story is kind of like that too. At least I hope it’s like that. Today, I have one semester left and have already been placed and enjoying and waiting to gradually graduate from my college. But looking back in time makes me think about what all I lost and what all gained. It makes me realize that if you don’t let it go eventually life will make you let it go, it’s just that it will take much time if you don’t do the honors yourself. The previous part of the last line is true for me. Although only a few of my friends know about it already, but I promised myself that I would redeem my mistakes first and then tell others. It still hurts me sometimes when I am lonely, I guess that’s why I always keep myself busy with happy thoughts and sometimes I also get aggressive. The best thing I learned in life is what my father used to tell me all through my schooling days. “Whatever you do good son, it’s never wasted and returns to you with goodwill”. Today I realize it loud and clear that he was right and how I always meet my old friends and they tell me how we used to be good friends and how we helped each other in our studies in our school days. School – I have mostly forgotten about it, but can still hear the school bell, the sound of the morning-prayer drums. Those were the days which we all ruled our own little worlds. For 6 hours a day, we studied and dreamt of our futures, not about what we wanna be, but what will it be like when we grow up. Oh I know everyone thinks about the same stuff in those times. Then after tenth class results one suddenly realizes how on earth would these days (11th and 12th) get over? Because it’s so much to study! It’s been very long since I left school and it’s been a long graduation for me, but I figured better late than never. The four years in my college healed all my bruised past and gave me a new life. Yes, my love life has also not been one of the bests. In fact it’s not even near to that word - “best”. But I have learnt to live life fully and without regret. My motto changed from “accha karoge to accha milega” to “tension lene ka nahi, dene ka!” or commonly summarised as "agar kisi ki gaand mile to maar lo, kyuki jab tumhaari milegi kisi aur ko to wo maar hi lega!"
Whenever I find out that someone is wasting his life (I say “his” because I know girls don’t do stuff like that, they are more focused than guys), I feel concerned and those bad memories catch up on real quick. I know it’s very difficult to come out from a state of ignorance and shame to one with success and satisfaction. But once you do, it’s a relief; oh it’s such a relief. I have never settled for a lesser deal and I do what I think is right and not what others tell me is. And that actually worked out pretty well for me, I got lucky I guess. Or maybe it was time I got some payback from life itself.
But yet, I feel left behind, because now, people who were with me have already achieved so much. Of course I know that life doesn’t stop and while I was preparing myself to achieve something in life, others grew too. But still in some corner of my mind it bothers me a lot.
May be another me in some other parallel universe didn’t fuck up his life and got all what I dreamt and so wanted in life. I always see that other “me” in all the pictures of my friends I should have been in. The time I lost, I wish I get that back, but I know it’s not possible. I have changed a lot, I was once a shy guy with my own dreams and today this system made me a robot. I do it not because I should but because I must, otherwise this cruel world will eat you up. If I am even 10% of the man I was back then, I would make a good person outta me. But that guy died a long time ago. Only the metal body is left. I keep myself detached from other people so that I don’t get to put my time in their issues. I keep myself lonely, because last time it was hard to leave those friends behind.
I know I am being selfish but I somehow tell myself that I deserve to get away cleanly with it. Yup, after all these years! Yup, I do deserve it… do I?

PS: yes I do :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

coughing out my thoughts

you know how people always think about how their life would be ten years down the line? do they really know? me neither!
i think there is much fun in your life when you allow it to unfold itself. its like, to open christmas presents on christmas eve. i always thought that i will follow this rule, but wait a minute ... am i not doing the same here? planning my life to let it unfold itself? it makes me wonder if human beings are robots and infact they always were robots all along, they just dont realise it. i guess the invention of robotics and advanced AIs are just mere extensions of true human self. the mere thought of controlling every godamm parameter.
i mean, have you ever spent 2 minutes with yourself and not thought of anything, anything at all? the answer is NO, you havent! neither have i. i wonder if there was a way to switch off or go on "stand by" mode, just too see what happens when i dont think, at all! i cant even paint the picture. same old things popping in the head, "i have to eat","i have to sleep","i have gottu shit" ... and belive me i have tried not to think and keep my mind blank for just 1 second. fk! cant do it! really cant. the moment i stop thinking, something pops up, like "ohh shit, my battery is low" ... or ... "what did i eat today?" ... or ... "hmm hmm hmm" ... or ... "whose singing?". you cannot put the brakes on your brain!
you guys think i have gone nutts, but the truth is, we humans are the freakiest when we are alone. dont belive me? lets have and example shall we.
* how many of you donot pick your nose when you think no ones watching? answer: no one! :)
* how many of you donot fantasize yourself with your favorite celebrity? answer: no one :)
* how many of you donot want to walk around naked when you are sure that no one is gonna walk in? answer: no one :)
* how many of you dont feel disgusted when you fart (i am not saying bad, i am saying hiroshima bad :P)? answer: no one :)

there are many more examples, but i guess these are the very basic ones. there are weirder cases too but i will not go into that, i guess we like them all but dont like to discuss them. and i know we shouldnt! otherwise tomorrow you meet this guy named "nathan" who you know likes to walk naked when alone, you'll address him like this: "hi nake-than" ... i will not be surprised if you even see him naked ... of course, thats in your head but wont that be a sight? ... lol ...
in the nutt shell i just wanna tell you guys that mind has no limits, and by that i mean in every dimensions.
woaah ... ohh man, i thought i was doing my "not thinking thingy!"
so much for the peace of mind, eh?

keep thinking ... the moment you stop thinking ... you are dead!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Be kind: act aloof ;)

I would like to share a mail with you which was forwarded to me from my friend, it is very relevent for all those college going peeps :)

"Life is one of those races in nursery school where you have to run with a marble in a spoon kept in your mouth. If the marble falls, there is no point coming first. Same with life, where health and relationships are the marble. Your striving is only worth it if there is harmony in your life. Else, you may achieve the success, but this spark, this feeling of being excited and alive, will start to die.

One thing about nurturing the spark - don't take life seriously. Life is not to be taken seriously, as we are really temporary here. We are like a prepaid card with limited validity. If we are lucky, we may last another 50 years. And 50 years is just 2,500 weekends. Do we really need to get so worked up?

It's ok, bunk a few classes, goof up a few interviews, take leave from work, fall in love. We are people, not programmed devices........." :)

"Don't be serious, be sincere." !

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Last Letter

Dear Jamal
Someone i once knew wrote that we walk away from our dreams, afraid that we may fail or worse yet, afraid that we may suceed. You need to know that while i knew so very early that you would realise your own dreams, i never imagined i would once again realise my own. Seasons change young man, and while i may have waited untill the winter of my life to see the things this past year, there is no doubt i would have waited too long, had it not been for you.



Last letter written by william forrester to jamal wallace in the movie "finding forrester", before william dies and is recieved after his death. And the movie ends with the following song:

all the writers ought to see this master piece, plus the character of william forrester is played by the great "sir sean connery"

Friday, October 16, 2009


life will test you time and again, but stand up to those and dont give in, do as daddy does ... ohh yes i am the daddy :)

Monday, October 5, 2009


there are only 2 kinds of students in a class :
1) back-benchers, and
2) that-benchers

Friday, September 4, 2009

Quotes on IITians

“These guys are total studs. Just like me.”

~ Oscar Wilde on IITians

“I love those guys.”

~ Oscar Wilde on IITians

“Shhh....Meet me at the Mining department later tonight”

~ IITian to Oscar Wilde

“IIT is t3h l33t.”

~ God on IIT

“We are 'GAWDS'.”

~ IITians on themselves

“So am I.”

~ Douglas Adams on the previous quote

“We the IITians are like rockets. We never study until our ass is on fire.”

~ An IITian


~ A girl on seeing the IIT-JEE question paper

“You think getting into IIT is difficult? Try getting out!”

~ disguntled IITian on IIT

“In IIT, department chooses YOU”

~ Russian reversal on IIT

“Oh, you are an IITian. You must be very intelligent.”

~ What every IITian wants to hear

“Couldn't you secure admission in ITI?”

~ What every IITian acutally hears from 'people having no clue'

Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is mail was forwarded to me from my friend ... i would like to share it


Here is a story of fish and shark, you might like it.

The Japanese have always loved fresh fish. But the water close to Japan has not held many fish for decades. So to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats got bigger and went farther than ever. The farther the fishermen went, the longer it took to bring the fish. If the return trip took more time, the fish were not fresh. To solve this problem, fish companies installed freezers on their boats. They would catch the fish and freeze the at sea.. Freezers allowed the boats to go farther and stay longer. However, the Japanese could taste the difference between fresh and frozen fish. And they did not like the taste of frozen fish.
The frozen fish brought a lower price. So, fishing companies installed fish tanks. They would catch the fish and stuff them in the tanks, fin to fin. After a little thrashing around, they were tired, dull, and lost their fresh-fish taste. The fishing industry faced an impending crisis!
But today, they get fresh-tasting fish to Japan . How did they manage?
To keep the fish tasting fresh, the Japanese fishing companies still put the fish in the tanks but with a small shark. The fish are challenged and hence are constantly on the move. The challenge they face keeps them alive and fresh! Have you realized that some of us are also living in a pond but most of the time tired and dull? Basically in our lives, sharks are new challenges to keep us active. If you are steadily conquering challenges, you are happy. Your challenges keep you energized. Don't create success and revel in it in a state of inertia.. You have the resources, skills and abilities to make a difference. Put a shark in your tank and see how far you can really go!

"Weakness of attitude, becomes weakness of character"